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Glass Shelving: A Fresh Idea

Glass shelves are a great design opportunity because they blend with any home décor. Whether you’re looking to spruce up a bookshelf, re-do the inside of a favourite cabinet or stylishly display a piece of art, glass shelves are an excellent choice. Glass shelves are elegant, clean, create the illusion of more space and can easily brighten up any room – whether it’s your living room, dining room, kitchen or bathroom.

We stock many glass shelving sizes, as well as glass tabletops, from 1/16th-inch to ½-inch (2 mm to 12 mm). We can also offer beveling or a high polished edge for a classic finish.

Our Master Craftsman, who has more than 40 years’ experience, can custom hand-cut any shape or design on-site, ensuring your room will have the perfect glass shelf or tabletop.

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