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  • Can I repair foggy glass in my windows?

    Windows fog because of moisture penetrating the seal of the double pane glass.

    In our climate, window glass will often concave and convex in high and low pressure systems. This will often result in the pane or panes becoming separated from the spacer bar that the glass is supposed to be sealed to. Once that seal has been breached, moisture can penetrate and cause your window to look foggy and unsightly.

    This does not mean that the entire window requires replacement. The simplest solution is to just replace sealed glass while leaving the frame of the window intact. This solution is much less expensive and invasive than a complete window replacement.

  • What is Low-E glass?

    Low-E (Emissivity) glass contains a reflective, invisible film that improves the efficiency of the window by reflecting radiant heat. This ensures that in the summer, the radiant heat from the sun outside is reduced and in the winter, the radiant in inside your home is not lost.

    Low-E is not only heat re-reflective, it is also UV reflective and will help to spare flooring and furniture from the damaging effects of the UV rays.

    Low-E is actually available in several different forms and it can be layered with multiple coatings for extra protection and efficiency. This comes standard on all our replacement windows and is available on all of our sealed unit replacements.

  • Do you do glass tabletops?

    We carry a wide range of glass sizes, from 1/16″ to 1/2″ (2 mm to 12 mm) in stock.

    Low’s Glass carries Niagara’s only in-house beveling machine as well as a machine that does high-polished edging for mirrors and table tops.

    Our workers also carry years of experience and can cut to almost any size or shape imaginable.

  • Can I have my windows installed in winter?

    Yes. We install windows and doors in the winter months regularly. While work around the window (or door) can be time consuming, the amount of time that the window is removed from the house is typically just a few minutes in length.

    It is also important to ensure that the foam insulation, sealants and caulking are all rated for low temperatures for proper curing. These are measures that we always take into account.

    There are actually some advantages to installing your windows or doors during the winter months. Typically, install dates do not run as long from the time of order when compared to the summer and fall months. Additionally, there is no worry of bugs and pests infiltrating during the installation of the windows or doors.

  • What is tempered glass?

    Tempered glass is just regular glass that has been heat strengthened through the tempering process.

    Tempering glass requires a furnace for glass to go into so that it can be heated to over 600 Degrees Celsius. This will partially melt down the glass. After this, the glass is “quenched” with blasts of cool air that will harden the outside of the glass, making roughly 4 times stronger than regular (annealed) glass.

    Once the glass has been tempered, it can not be modified in any way. Tempered glass is always cut to its size and specifications before before the tempering process begins.

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