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  • March 6, 2019

Backsplashes play a crucial role in interior design, specifically in the heart of the home, also known as the kitchen.  Not only do backsplashes provide an aesthetic touch but they also provide protection in areas that can be effected by water or condensation, making it a must-have in all homes.

There are numerous designs, styles, and materials for backsplashes but one people often overlook is the glass backsplash! Glass backsplashes are one of our favourites when it comes to quality, practicality, and appearance. This is why you should consider a glass backsplash for your kitchen.

The Benefits of Having a Glass Backsplash

1. Easy to Care For

It is important to have a professional install your glass backsplash as glass can be rather fragile to handle, however, once installation is complete, maintenance is a breeze. At Low’s Glass, Mirror, and Windows’ we carry seamless slabs of glass, making clean-up extremely easy. Because of the lack of crevices and grout, often times a quick wipe is more than enough to keep your backsplash looking fresh!

2. Variety in Shapes and Sizes

Just like other backsplash materials like granite or quartz, glass backsplashes can come in a variety of sizes. What makes glass backsplashes different is its ability to be cut down in to even smaller shapes and sizes.

3. Clear or Opaque

Glass can be clear or opaque , this alone opens up numerous design options for homeowners! Having the option to work with clear glass or glass with coloured backdrops gives you the creative freedom to mix and match as needed to create your ideal kitchen aesthetic. Glass also adds shine and shimmer which can create a nice reflection against your countertops. Since paint can be added to the back of any slab of glass – the sky is truly the limit!

4. Environmentally Friendly

If you’re interested in designing an eco-friendly kitchen space, glass is a great material to consider as it can be made using pre-consumer products and recycled glass. Talk to your designer to learn more about eco-friendly options for not just backsplashes but for countertops and cabinetry too!

At Low’s Glass, Mirror, and Windows, we believe that glass offers the “best of both worlds” when it comes to style and functionality. This is why we are happy to offer this service for residences and businesses all over the Niagara Region and surrounding areas! Let’s work on your dream kitchen together – get a quote today!

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